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Modern Adirondack Chairs

Check out our collection of unique, modern Adirondack chairs. Our chairs are made with a composite poly lumber and will last a lifetime. Many of our products are made with Amish crafstmanship.

Our stylish contemporary adirondacks are the perfect addition to any modern or traditional home. You'll love the sleek lines and angles that these chairs offer.

Modern Adirondack Chair Styles

We offer modern adirondack designs from several world class manufacturers. Each chair differs slightly in design but retains the classic, adirondack chair shape and superior comfort found in traditional adirondacks. For a more modern look, we've removed the curve in at the top of the back slats. 

Where to Use your Modern Adirondacks

Though we call them "modern" adirondacks, our chairs are all extremely versatile and can be used in almost any patio or backyard. Our customers love the clean simplicity of our contemporary style adirondack chairs and use them in settings ranging from modern homes to traditional farmhouse inspired homes. 

Our modern adirondacks pair well with almost poly side table and coffee table. They'll be great on docks, around campfires, or just on your front porch!

Recycled Contemporary Adirondack Material

Our contemporary adirondacks (like all our outdoor furniture!) is made with recycled plastic! Our manufacturers take high density polyethelene (HDPE) that's commonly used in milk jugs and turn it into strong, long lasting poly lumber. Poly lumber will never rot, tear or splinter.

Adding in beautiful colors and UV protection means that your furniture will look great even if it's left outside in the sun. 

Because our manufacturers use marine grade fasteners in their chairs, you'll also be able to leave your chairs outside in the rain and snow. No need to take them inside for winter storage!

Modern Adirondack Chair Maintenance

All of our poly furniture is extremely low maintenance. You'll never need to seal or reseal your furniture, nor will you need to paint it!

To clean your poly adirondack chairs, all you need to do is wipe it down with some mild dish soap and hot water. If you prefer, you can also use a light pressure washing to quickly remove spiderwebs or other debris.

Contemporary Adirondack Chair Warranty

We are confident that your contemporary adirondacks will last for many years. Our manufacturers offer residential warranties ranging from 20 years to lifetime. Rest assured that you're getting the best of the best contemporary adirondack chairs.