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Amish Picnic Tables

Shop our collection of outdoor Amish picnic tables made from durable poly lumber. Our products are made from a composite material from recycled milk jugs and won't rot, fade, or crack. These heavy duty plastic picnic tables will last ages and come in lots of fun and exciting colors.

Why Buy a Plastic Picnic Table?

Our heavy duty picnic tables are made with durable poly lumber.

Poly lumber is made with recycled milk jugs and has a number of advantages over traditional wood, especially when it comes to frequently used items like outdoor picnic tables. Poly lumber is heavy enough to ensure that your picnic tables won't be blown around by strong winds.

You will never need to worry about your poly picnic table cracking, splintering, or rotting - even when you leave outside year round. Picnic tables made with traditional wood often rot or begin to fall apart within five years of purchase, especially if they are located within harsh climates or are used heavily. Poly makes for the best material for an outdoor picnic table. 

To protect against harsh sunlight and fading, our manufacturers use special UV protection technology in their poly lumber. You can leave your furniture outside in the sun for ages without fear of your furniture losing its color.