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The Best Outdoor Furniture for Snow

Do you live in a snowy climate? If so, you may be worried about your furniture falling apart or degrading in the harsh weather.

Most types of cheap outdoor furniture won't stand up to the snow, so you'll want to be sure you do your research before investing in a good set of patio furniture.

Outdoor furniture should be able to be left outside! It's annoying to prep for winter by having to move your furniture inside, taking up space in your garage or basement.

In addition to being able to withstand extreme-cold temperatures, the ideal outdoor furniture should also be water resistant and able to withstand melting snow. Most wood furniture fails in this regard, as constant freezing and melting of ice can weaken its joints and cause cracks or splinters.

Best Outdoor Furniture for Snowy Climates: Poly Lumber Furniture

Poly lumber furniture is the most durable outdoor furniture on the planet. It is extremely well suited for cold environments and can easily withstand the constant freezing and thawing that happens in many cold weather locations.

High density polyethylene (HDPE) lumber, otherwise known as poly lumber, is made with recycled plastic milk jugs and other consumer recyclables. Our manufacturers use a specially formulated blend in their poly lumber to prevent fading and maximize the lifetime of their furniture.

Poly lumber is waterproof. It won't absorb melting snow or ice, and it will never crack or splinter. Additionally, our products have marine-grade stainless steel hardware, further protecting the longevity of our furniture.

Poly furniture can be left outside year-round, even during the winter! It requires little to no maintenance, and will last over 20 years. Some of our manufacturers even have lifetime warranties!

You may spend more up front on poly furniture, but the upfront cost will be well worth it - you'll never need to buy outdoor furniture again! And you won't have to deal with getting rid of broken furniture after a year or two.

At Monarch, we specialize in selling poly furniture and offer FREE shipping on all orders to the continental United States.

Heritage Adirondack Chair ($349)

Our most popular adirondack chair, the Heritage Adirondack is a fantastic choice for homes with harsh winter climates. Its durable construction and comfortable design make it a great choice for any backyard. Because it's made with poly lumber and marine-grade stainless steel hardware, it can be left outside year-round.

We have several of these chairs in our backyard, and they've held up great over the years. We've never had to do any maintenance on them, and they still look brand new!

Heritage Adirondack Chairs in white around a campfire with a dog
Heritage Adirondack Chair
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  • Made with Amish crafstmanship in Ohio, USA
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  • Marine grade stainless steel fasteners
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Runner Up Outdoor Furniture for Snowy Climates: Plastic Wicker

Wicker can be a solid choice for outdoor furniture as well. Some wicker furniture is made with plastic, which can be a lighter-weight alternative to poly lumber. / Wicker is more resistant to snow than traditional wood and is lighter weight than poly furniture, but it won't last as long and may fade when things warm up and the sun comes out.

You'll want to be careful to ensure that your wicker furniture doesn't come undone, especially if you have pets that like to chew on things.

Furniture to Avoid for Snowy Climates: Traditional Wood

Traditional wood has its place, but it's not well suited for snowy climates.

Although pressure treated lumber is more resistant to water, wood furniture absorbs moisture. The problem is that when this water freezes as temperatures drop, it expands - causing your furniture to crack and splinter!

Snow and ice will dramatically reduce the lifespan of your outdoor furniture. If you do have wooden outdoor furniture, we recommend using a cover during the winter or storing your furniture inside. Some sealing can help, but traditional wood will never outlast poly lumber.