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Best Tall Adirondack Chairs | 3 TOP Options

Tall adirondack chairs are high-seating choices that are great for backyards and patios. They provide the height that lets you see over railings or obstructions while also retaining the classic adirondack style and comfort that you're used to with normal height adirondack chairs.

Here are a few of our favorite high adirondacks, all made with durable poly lumber that will last over twenty years!

Wildridge Heritage Tall Adirondack Chair

Wildridge's Heritage Tall Adirondack is an awesome addition to any deck or patio. We absolutely love the look of the set above, shown in Aruba blue with an accompanying Heritage Balcony Table.

The chair's seat height from the floor is 23.5”, and the total height of the chair is 44”. At 56 pounds, these high adirondack chairs are not going to blow around easily in the wind yet can still be moved around your outdoor space with relative ease.

Featuring a comfortable adirondack style seating angle and a built-in footrest, Wildridge's tall adirondack chairs make for a wonderful place to hang out - we love to enjoy a coffee or even a meal outside in them.

Wildridge Heritage Two Seater Tall Adirondack Chair

With a seat width of 46.5”, this double tall adirondack chair from Wildridge comfortably seats two people and is ideal for families, couples, or those looking to host guests. The chair weighs in at 98 pounds and has a sturdy feel to it.

Amish made with durable poly lumber, this elevated adirondack is a breeze to clean. All you need is some soap and water. You'll never need to worry about painting, resealing, or otherwise maintaining your adirondack.

Wildridge Contemporary Tall Adirondack Chair

Wildridge's Contemporary Tall Adirondack is another fantastic option for high seating in your backyard. This chair features a clean, minimalist style that makes it more versatile than its name may suggest.

With its deep seating angle, this chair is ultra-comfortable to sit in. Its seat height is 24” off the ground and this tall adirondack also features a built in footrest.

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